Community Involvement

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is essential to Energean.

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Our Management Approach


Energean aims to have a positive impact on the communities it operates in. Teamwork and collaboration are at the forefront of Energean’s company values. Therefore, we believe that building trust and relationships within communities is integral to our progression as a Company. We monitor how our operations influence the well-being of our host communities, in order to focus our activities on improving local quality of life, and maintaining our social license to operate.


By investing in communities, we seek the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships between our Company and the local communities in which we operate. We consider the provision of solutions to the social issues where our communities are facing to be a joint effort, in which trust is key. In the long run, it is Energean’s goal to make these solutions as sustainable as possible.


As a whole, the energy industry’s impact on natural resources as well as local communities and their ecosystems is subject to scrutiny and debate. Energean believes in creating shared value among its stakeholders as well as implementing responsible practices, controlling the management of risk while still maintaining the ability to seize business opportunities in a changing environment.

Our CSR policy, our ETHOS, which is embedded in our company values and guided by international standards and best practices, is fundamental in how our business functions. Energean is always seeking to improve its sustainable development agenda by collaborating with governments, the private sector and the civil society in order to progress on a global, regional, national and local level. 

Aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Our management’s philosophy and way of thinking drives us to use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as the framework of our activities and actions and align with them, overall, as a company. In Energean, we realize that by being an energy company we have a greater impact on specific SDGs. Thus, we make sure that we focus on achieving mostly the following Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 3 “Good Health and Well-Being”, Goal 6 “Clean Water and Sanitation”, Goal 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”, Goal 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”, Goal 13 “Climate Action”, Goal 14 “Life Below Water”, Goal 15 “Life On Land”, and Goal 17 “Partnerships for the Goals”.

Our Performance

It is of significant importance to us that we constantly try to address the needs of the local communities through our social contributions. Therefore, we value feedback on all our initiatives and activities. Our CSR department works hard on building upon day-to-day interactions with the communities and our staff strives to provide greater support as well as works towards improved methods of assessing needs. One of our main goals is to inspire the local community and raise awareness for our actions among our employees. Therefore, we urge our employees to engage with our upcoming activities.

During the 2019 period there were no recorded disagreements with the communities in which we operate or their local people, concerning the use of land, marine or other cultural heritage areas. We believe trust is key to us retaining our social license in the future, thus we are always striving to improve our relationship with the local communities.

Targets in 2020

Energean plans to maintain its strong and long-standing relationships with the Local Communities it operates in.

The company will aim to extent its collaborations with Organizations, Institutions, and NGOs and will strive to create new ones, especially with those involved with Environmental aspects and subjects. Energean realizes that collaborations and working with others is the only way things can move forward.