Onshore large-scale Fire Service Training Response Drill

On 21-23 January 2019, a large-scale training response drill was successfully carried out by the Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Fire Service Administration at Energean's onshore facilities in Kavala, Northern Greece.

"En.O.G. 2019" aimed at co-training the Firemen of the Kavala Fire Service and the Kavala Airport Fire Service in the techniques that should be applied when dealing with fires caused by liquid fuels.

Energean has also donated all necessary firefighting equipment.

Mr. Vassilis Tsetoglou, Energean's HSE Manager for Greece and the Adriatic, stated:

"It was a pleasure and an honour for Energean to concede its special response drill field within its onshore installations to the Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Fire service Administration, and it was also very useful for our colleagues to watch and participate in such a large-scale drill. Apart from our ongoing collaboration with the Fire Service, through this drill we want to convey the message that for Energean the safety of employees, facilities and the environment always comes first".

On behalf of the Kavala Airport Fire Service, Commander Kyriakos Tsakirides stated:

"We thank Energean Oil & Gas for offering us its response drill field, as well as the equipment required for this large scale drill. Energean's HSE Team support was crucial for the successful implementation of the drill. Acquiring the know-how and information regarding the particularities of fires caused by liquid fuels is extremely important to secure the maximum level of operational alert and the successful implementation of such an operation in real conditions".

It should be noted that in the context of its ongoing collaboration with the Fire Services, Energean has also contributed to the external renovation of the central Fire Service building in Kavala.