June 5, World Environment Day

We care, we can and we fulfil our commitments to the environmental sustainability!

Dasylio Beach and the Prinos platforms .jpg

We honour 2020 World Environment Day by achieving the goals we have set across our chain of operations in the wider East Mediterranean region.


This year's theme is "Celebrate Biodiversity" and we are proud of the fact that biodiversity wherever we operate remains unaffected by our activities. 


Through our strategic partnership with the Management Body of the River Nestos Delta - Ismarida - Vistonida & Thasos, we have secured the maintenace of biodiversity telemetric stations in the Nestos River Delta and the surrounding Park waters in Greece. 


There has been zero spills or environmental damages within our operations, while 12 beaches in Kavala and Thassos Island, Greece, have been awarded Blue Flags for 2020 - and one of them in Prinos with view to our platforms. 


We also support the Hof HaCarmel Region in Israel on their way towards becoming NeveYam qualified as the Region's first Blue Flag beach. 

In 2019, 89% of water withdrawn in our production sites was recycled. 

Through our collaboration with the Israeli Nature and parks Authority, we also support 2020 "Sea Guards" program for schools. Moreover, we support the Sharks Viewpoint in the city of Hadera in Israel.

We have also organised webinars in Israel, Greece and Montenegro to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Above all, Energean is the first E&P company to commit to becoming a net zero emitter by 2050.

Mr. Vassilis Tsetoglou, Energean HSE Director, and Mrs. Ilia Rigas, Energean Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, jointly stated:

"We are proud of what Energean and its personnel have achieved so far by working closely with our stakeholders. We are committed to continuing our efforts to maintain our HSE track record and raise the awareness of the public opinion of environmental issues. We care, we can and we fulfil our commitments! It is our world and it is our responsibility to ensure that the next generations will inherit a better world!"