Energean honours the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

In Energean, December 3rd is celebrated all year round, since it is our philosophy to support, every single day, a world of inclusion, empowerment and equality for Persons with Disabilities.  

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To honour the 2019 International Day of Disabled Persons across our international locations, we undertook the following initiatives:




Energean supported an event at Rabin elementary school, located in the city of Nesher in North Israel, attended by approximately 100 4th grade students. The aim of the activity was for the children to experience some of the daily challenges faced by disabled people. Activities included communicating in sign language and manoeuvring through a room full of obstacles in a wheelchair.



Greece, Kavala

Energean continues to support the School of Special Vocational Education and Training. This year, the Company supports the event organised by the school on the International Day of Disabled Persons, as well as donates equipment for the school’s multi-sensory room, which aids children on the autistic spectrum and with learning difficulties. It should be noted that the multi-sensory room has been constructed in the School with the proceeds of a crowd funding initiated by Energean.



Greece, Ileia

Energean has made a donation to the Association of Paraplegics and Disabled people, a foundation the Company has continued to collaborate with and support.


Mrs. Ilia Rigas, Head of Energean Corporate Social Responsibility, commented:

 “We are very happy and proud for all the initiatives we have undertaken to honour the International Day of Disabled Persons. These events are important to Energean as we continue our efforts to contribute to United Nations’ 2030 agenda and UN’s effort towards a world which is fully inclusive for persons with disabilities. The initiatives serve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal 10, which is to reduce inequalities, and Goal 17, which is partnerships for the Goals.”